Bullet Journaling Your New Year Resolutions / Goals

Today is the big day! It’s the last day of 2016 and time to start journaling your New Year resolutions!

Below are easy ideas you can try out!

IDEA #1 A PICTURE FOR EACH RESOLUTION: You can color the picture once you do it. I got the pictures from the internet, edited them to the size that I wanted, printed them, and glued them.


IDEA #2: TRACK COUNTABLE RESOLUTIONS BY COLORING SHAPES: Color one shape every time until you’re done with the whole thing.

img_4005 img_4003 img_4012

IDEA #3: ADD A “LOADING” BAR: I use this one for ideas that I can’t track through numbers or when the steps of progressing are still vague. (The loading bar consists of 12 bars, one for each month of the year)





If you wish to do something similar, below are images you can print out and glue them to your notebook!

Download: starscirclessmileyheartsbooksLoading Bars



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