Holiday Lights Mood Tracker

Ready for the Holidays? I know I am! HOLIDAY MOOD TRACKER! It's always nice to see how your month turned out to be by tracking how you felt throughout it! And what better way to do that, then having holiday lights as a template! Template, BEFORE AFTER: I filled in the moods that I wanted … Continue reading Holiday Lights Mood Tracker


Track Your Run! Running Tracker For Your Bullet Journal!

If you enjoy running or walking, this one is for you! the design So, basically, what I do is that each time I run, I color the distance that I covered during that run. 1 Square = 1 Km. BEFORE   AFTER   PRINTABLES Track your runs here >>>  Running Tracker Also, if you want … Continue reading Track Your Run! Running Tracker For Your Bullet Journal!

April Monthly Entry!

Flowers, Flowers EVERYWHERE! Kept it a bit simple this month. Decided to make April flower-themed, so this explains the washi tape across my page. font used I found one online and tried to replicate it. It's not perfect, but it doesn't have to be. (That's the best part.)