Book Tracker! – Printable

If you're a reader, then this one is definitely for YOU! let's track some books I chose to keep it simple by simply just adding one of my favorite quotes about reading. I created two designs. One for those who prefer to have the page lined, and another for those who prefer it blank 1. … Continue reading Book Tracker! – Printable


September Cover & Monthly Spread

Here's for another month! Since it's September, I have almost non-existing artistic skill, and I'm lazy as hell, I wanted to do something easy and simple. I just drew bunch of twigs with leaves and it actually turned out pretty awesome! I colored them 3 shades of green just to give it more texture and … Continue reading September Cover & Monthly Spread

April Monthly Entry!

Flowers, Flowers EVERYWHERE! Kept it a bit simple this month. Decided to make April flower-themed, so this explains the washi tape across my page. font used I found one online and tried to replicate it. It's not perfect, but it doesn't have to be. (That's the best part.)